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Published in Blog Friday, 04 November 2016

Consider this: If half earth's population cooks with carbon-based fuel (three billion people), with ten people using each cooking fire, you will find one hundred million cooking fires per meal. Each cooking fire produces just as much carbon pollution being an automobile. Had all of these people used renewable energy sources to cook as opposed to wood, the resulting positive impact on environmental surroundings is the comparable to removing a hundred million automobiles through the equation. There are only nearly 600 million passenger cars worldwide (roughly one car per eleven people). This result could be in addition to halting loosing our forests because the cooking fuel would not be needed.
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The first week was so good we revised the experiment and continued on for three more months, beginning and ending which has a week of $1 meals. For two months we kept within the actual food-stamp allowance in North Carolina, then $1.53 meals. The final month, we followed the thrifty menu from your previous month but ate almost all organic, sustainably raised, locally grown foods. Amazingly, those "green" meals averaged slightly below $2 per person.