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Gectar Genesis

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With shipment EMS for 40,00 €
Sales price: 135,00 €
Manufacturer: AmerPoint
Gectar Genesis by AP.

Gectar is the classical genesis with innovation system of airflow. Now, the volume of your genesis is not important, because all air from the coil go directly to you.
There are two caps with different hole for air (1.3 mm and 1.6 mm). You can order a new cap with adjustable airflow.
The Gectar Genesis is made from medical stainless steel. The clear tank for Gectar is made from PET. You should to take off the clear tank when you change the coil and check the coil. The gaskets are made from PEEK. If you have boxmod you can change the air hole depends of the axis of Gectar. (For this, you can screw the bottom pin, turn the high area as you need and fix it with pin. You have to use professional instrument for this operation) 


  • Diameter - 22 mm
  • 510 Connector (unregulated) - 4,6 mm

Clear tank colour: white, green, brown, blue.

The Gectar is made of stainless steel.

Attention! Tank is sold without Drip Tip.



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